Chili con carne - mix of seasoned ground beef and beans
Chorizo - spicy Mexican sausage made with chilies and pork
Cilantro - also known as coriander
Guacamole - Typical Mexican dip made with fresh avocado
Nopales - the leaf from the cactus tree, sort of a mix between green beans and zucchini
Pico de Gallo - our very own homemade with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro & garlic
Rajas con crema - stripes of poblano pepper cooked with corn in a creamy sauce
Tomatillo - a small green tomato characterized by its tangy flavour
Mole - a traditional Mexican sauce that is made with chocolate but does not taste like chocolate. It is made with 40 different spices

All vegetarian meals on the menu have a (carrot) beside it.
All spicy dishes have a (Chili) beside it.

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